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Reynolds' Method of Illustrating the Periodic Law


Hermoine Lovegood:

I had a question. I'm working for a personal project on Reynolds' Method of Illustrating the Periodic Law based on Newlands-Mendeljeffs law and make it accourding to our present periodic table. I'm quite far, only there is one problem, I can't find how it works with: Monad, Diad, Triad and Tetrad. I get that it is how many atomic conections a element can make to a other element. What I don't get: Is there a list pro element with this or some formula? Sorry, if this is a stupid question. I'm 17 years old and selftought and just have had basic chemistry. I hope someone can help me.

Already thanks

Can you elaborate? I am not sure I follow, these formulations - while not entirely incorrect - are not used these days and have only a historical value.


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