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Topic: Testing for Arsine, Arsenic compounds and Phosphine, and Phosphorus compounds  (Read 5448 times)

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I would like to test for arsine, arsenic, phosphine, and phosphorus compounds in an exhaust stream.  the concentrations are going to be very low.  I have a Zellweger CM4 monitor calibrated for arsine continuously monitoring hydrides on an outlet of carbon abatement.  I detect between 2 and 3 ppb hydrides in about 1000 cfm stream.  Exhaust from three of these carbon units (roughly 1000 cfm and 2-3 ppb hydrides each) are routed to a common exhaust with further air dilution.  I am looking for an EPA test method that would be able to selectively measure low concentrations of arsine, phosphine, arsenic, and phosphorus compounds.

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Hello RWalston,

Since you are saying that the method must be an EPA test method, here are links to the EPA website:

Test methods are at:

The general EPA website is at:

There are many other options available, unfortunately, they are not EPA approved.


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