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Interfacial polymerization - Question


Is interfacial polymerization possible without stirring? How?
I searched through many sites, but as English is not my first language, I barely understand the texts as I barely understand the macromolecular chemistry in my native language (it is not my main subject) :( I asked on some sites already, but it always stays unanswered for weeks... My classmate shared her verified answer with me, but the teacher declined my answer. I'm hopeless...

Thank You so much in advance.

Question is too vague. Virtually anything is possible. But that doesn't mean it is efficient. Could you be more specific?

Thank You for Your reply  :)  In general, we're talking about polycondensation at the phase interface, and the question is, how do we achieve that the polymer formed does not interfere with the resulting polymer at the phase interface during polymerization without stirring?
My last answer was: "By raising the temperature, for example, in an autoclave without stirring." (I found this somewhere on the internet, but I guess I wrongly understood the point of the English text because it is the wrong answer...)


--- Quote from: Lorelei on June 21, 2021, 12:13:51 AM ---how do we achieve that the polymer formed does not interfere with the resulting polymer
--- End quote ---

You mean "how it doesn't interfere with itself"? Or are "formed" and "resulting" two different, separate things? If so, please elaborate.

If the reaction occurs only at some reactions site it will be limited by the speed of the transport of the reactants.

I'm feeling like a total clown. After one and half months, I found the answer in our lab materials after rechecking it. Thank You for your replies, the answer is  "If the film is pulled
up, out of the interface, new film is formed continuously."  :)


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