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Hydrogen Sulfide in Aggregates


I perform Acid Soluble Sulphate contents using a dilute solution of HCl (1:9 conc to water) to extract the sulphates. My employer doesn't have a fumes cabinet for when filtering the warm acid solutions after they've finished digesting the test portion of 8g.

1. I try to let these cool to close to room temperature in my single fumes cabinet but not always possible, am I right in thinking I should be concerned for my health in this situation?

2. Is it possible for Iron (II) Sulfide to be naturally occurring in aggregates or concrete? The blocks I'm testing are high in sulphates and sulphur in general, but my understanding is dilute HCl reacts with FeS to from H2S. There is a really strong smell of rotten eggs emitting from them.

Good day, Jamie!
1. Yes, it's not good for your health. You need special ventilation. Don't poison yourself: you have only one body!


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