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Interaction of sodium nitrite with air and humidity


Hi everyone.

I have a question about sodium nitrite of reagent grade (NaNo², CAS: 7632-00-0)
What happens to it when it gets exposed to air?

If container has been opened and chemical has been exposed to air for a few minutes and then closed again, it's integrity keeps getting gradually affected? And does purity stay same?

If air happens to contain humidity, does it potentiate the negative effect on chemical's integrity?

Does this type of chemical expire and how long can it be stored sealed?
What happens after chemical eventually reaches its expiration?
I assume that upon packaging and sealing a miniscule amount of air still stays inside container? Otherwise there would be no expiry.

There is also concern about keeping it below 30 Celsius. What if it's over 30 degrees? Like 34-35 degrees?

How long can it be stored after being exposed to air and then closed in it's container for later projects? Additionally, as far as integrity and purity are concerned, is it reliable for repeated use for important projects?


1) Please read the forum rules. You have to show your attempts at answering the question/solving the problem to receive help, it is a forum policy.
2) Read MSDS of this reagent or ask your questions to the manufacture - he has all knowladge about it.


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