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derivitisation and LC/MS of vegetable oils

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Hi all,

I'm a polymer chemist, currently looking to characterize various natural oils (eg coconut, avocado, hazelnut etc).

As you all may know, these oils are composed of triglycerides with various fatty acid chains. I need to simply know the % composition of each fatty acid, so I need to break down the triglycerides to their component fatty acids (assuming esterification), separate somehow (assuming LC) then identify/quantify (assuming MS of some sort).

Does anyone have a standard method for this? I see papers galore for "edible oils" and LC MS for this type of sample, but no simple method (as I'm sure it's a pretty standard kind of process and not really worthy of a paper).

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


You might also try searching on biodiesel.  I bet quite a bit will come up.  Fatty acid methyl esters are usually abbreviated as FAMEs.

I know that there are some Gas chromatography methods, that used in pharmaceutical field to solve the similar problems.

Most likely you would perform a transesterification to the methyl ester, or perhaps to another ester.


I would be tempted to use GC-based methods, given how well known these methods are, unless there is an advantage to LC-based methods for some reason. .Standard FAME mixtures are available commercially.


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