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derivitisation and LC/MS of vegetable oils

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Hi all,

Thanks for the excellent responses!

I'll try the GC route and see if I can get a standard sample with a variety of esters.
I'll keep you all posted and tell you if I overload the column!


Definitely a job for GCMS.

One great trick is that if you dissolve all your crap in MeOH and add a tiny amount of sulfuric acid and let it stir, everything will come out methyl ester. Its dead easy.

We use butyl esterification for medium chain fatty acids on GCMS.
Same method, just leave out the silylation step. Just make sure to include a good post run oven temperature ramp to purge out everything and prevent sample carryover.

Also, I would suggest getting a deuterated internal standard of a short, medium, and long chain FA at the minimum. Don't get standards that are already esterified because then it wont account for if the esterification step went to completion on your unknowns/samples.


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