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Topic: Acids vs Bases from structure and pKa  (Read 1410 times)

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Acids vs Bases from structure and pKa
« on: August 07, 2021, 12:41:10 PM »
Hey Guys,

I just want to know what is the simplest way to know if a chemical structure acts as weak acid or a weak base if it has functional groups from both categories. One of things I know is that if one atom like nitrogen exist, we check if there's adjacent double bond to know if there is resonance (sp2 vs sp3) and thus count it as base because there's freely moving electrons, is this correct, and what other factors are considered for both acids and bases?

And what is the simplest way to estimate pKa?

Plus, if I was given pH, and using an app could generate ionisation curve and thus know the pKa (the value of pH at 50%?), then can I use this method to know if it is an or base:

Acids: pH-pKa>1
Bases: pKa-pH >1

Thanks a lot. First time here.
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