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Topic: newbie question about MOFs  (Read 676 times)

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newbie question about MOFs
« on: September 02, 2021, 04:53:16 AM »
I am not a chemist and have some basic questions about mofs:

1. What percentage yield would you expect to get from a batch. ie if you mixed the chemicals in the lab, would you get 100% mofs or is a much lower figure more likely ?
2. If you created 1gm of mof material how much weight co2 would that capture ?
3. how stable are the structures, will external weather, rain, sun change them ?
4. if capturing co2 from air, will atmospheric pressure work well, or will you need to pressurise to get efficient capture ?
5. Are these structures crystals ?

These questions may be simple, but its driving me mad trying to find the answers.

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