October 25, 2021, 03:45:59 PM
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Topic: Riot Control Gas Neutralization - Phenacyl Chloride (CN)  (Read 154 times)

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Riot Control Gas Neutralization - Phenacyl Chloride (CN)
« on: September 07, 2021, 05:05:27 PM »
Good evenin,

I have some problem with phenacyl contamination in my warehouse - some of it had spoiled during production process on the floor - now it is difficult to get into the warehouse...

Could you please advice procedure of neutralization?

I thougth about:

1. mechanically clean the most of it that can be simply sweeped from the floor
2. pour acetone on the floor
3. pour aqueous ammonia to initiate condensation reaction of Phenacyl chloride with acetone and ammonia to shiff base, dimeric pyrazines and so on
4. clean residue with THF to get rid of the most of it

But after this there is still some lachrymatory effect

Maybe there are some better options? How about 35% H2O2?

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Re: Riot Control Gas Neutralization - Phenacyl Chloride (CN)
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2021, 12:42:53 PM »
Ammonia would get rid of lachrymatory effect, it could be good to mix ammonia and detergent, let it set for a few hours then rinse with water.

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