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D vs L identification

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I'm studying a card, which I cannot interpret, don't know how to approach, or understand what the key takeaway is on this subject.
In what way is this figure resembling L-glyceraldehyde?

Thank you for your help.

Do you understand the basics of the D,L system of assigning configuration at a center of chirality?

I think I'm missing some foundational rules.
According to the fischer projection, if NH2 is on the left, then it is L.
But I thought CH3 would be on the bottom, because the top carbon should be the #1 priority carbon, according to IUPAC rules.

What am I missing?

When assigning D and L configurations, the top carbon in the Fischer projection has the lowest IUPAC number on the top.  It is the number, not the priority, which is important.

Thank you very much for your input! I fully understand now.


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