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Topic: Activated Charcoal effective in removing Chlorine from City Water?  (Read 1407 times)

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I rece'd notice today my email server is being flipped to another company, and  I'm madly opening stale Q&A from my old chem mentor, saving and indexing.  And I AM confused.  One reply from him says, "no, Activated Charcoal cannot remove chlorine because A.C. doesn't remove cations."  Then in same reply he says this:  #4. Chlorine in water is an anion not a cation. You can have chlorine compounds, such as chlorides, chlorates, that are not anions, but nascent chlorine is anionic.

  He is literally dying of heart failure and only a few weeks to live.  His hearing has gone to hell and he's given up his computer email usage.  I'm interested in some direct response as I was a do this/do that lab assistant without a chemistry background.  A gopher/doo-fer basically.  I would most appreciate any clarity.  Thank you for any assistance.

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