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Topic: Application of activated carbon in advanced treatment of drinking water  (Read 1562 times)

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Because activated carbon
 has great ability to adsorb organic matter, activated activated pellets wholesale it is widely used in the advanced treatment of wastewater, and has the following advantages:


Strong adaptability, strong adaptability to changes in water volume and organic matter load, and stable disposal results can be obtained;

activated carbon
 can be regenerated and used repeatedly, and the adsorbed organic matter is burned off during the regeneration process without sludge;

Useful materials can be recovered, such as using activated carbon to dispose of phenol-containing wastewater, using alkali to regenerate and adsorb saturated activated carbon, which can recover sodium phenolate, with compact equipment and convenient management;

The disposal level is high. After the advanced treatment of urban sewage with activated carbon, BOD can be reduced by %, and TOC can be reduced to ~ mg/L;

It has a wide range of utilization and is effective for most organic matter in wastewater, including organic matter that is difficult for microorganisms to degrade.

Utilization in the advanced treatment of drinking water: Activated carbon adsorption is based on conventional water supply treatment. Baiyun It is generally installed after sand filtration. It can also be combined with sand filter to form a double-layer filter or use activated carbon to replace sand filtration.

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