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Organic Chemistry Isn't Required for All Science Majors?


I'm now enrolled in my third semester of organic chemistry. While I tried my hardest in my prior two attempts and still failed, I decided to give myself a third chance to try in person. After all of my studying, I discovered that I received a F on the first quiz and a F in the course overall.

I'm weary of this class making me feel like s#*$ and wrecking my GPA, even if I might be able to get a better mark in the future (though I wouldn't bet on it). Is there any science major that does not require organic chemistry? I believe cog sci, geology, atmospheric science, psych, and comp sci (though I don't have a high enough GPA for the last one) do not (though I don't have a high enough GPA for the last one).

In my experience organic chemistry is only required for Chemistry (naturally) and maybe some minor part of Biology-related and Medicine degrees.

If you are failing a course, don't blame the course. Perhaps you should consider changing the way you are studying the material. Have you sought help from a tutor or the professor? Succeeding in organic chemistry usually requires a different skill set than general chemistry - more memorization, less math. Often people struggle in one course but not the other. Did you do OK in general chemistry?

Other science majors don't require organic chemistry, but if you love chemistry, don't let organic chemistry be the reason you don't major in it.

For Organic I, I have found that the book by Jakob Fredlos is a good resource to help you get a grasp of what is important. 

We were promised a book for Organic II but it hasn't come out yet.


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