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Topic: Specific Heat Capacity: explanation for How much heat did the metal lose?  (Read 446 times)

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I know it's (heat energy x -1) but I forgot to write down the explanation and I cannot find it on any corner of the internet. Any ideas? like for example:

Calculate the heat gained by the water in units of joules:
q= m(50.00) x Cp(4.184) x dT(1.90) = 396.7 joules

How much heat did the metal lose? Explain
Heat lost = q x -1 so -396.7 but how?

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Here is a good explanation:

Also - dont write that heat gained is 397 J and heat lost is -397 J because that means that system gained 794 J of energy.

(heat lost is 397 J, without minus sign)

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