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Topic: can someone please help me for grade 12 chemistry neutralization.  (Read 509 times)

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an investigation into the following neutralization reaction conducted by chemistry students at  a high school:

HNO3(aq)  +  KOH(s)  —--------->  K(NO3) (aq)  +  H2O(l) …    △Hneut.  = —----- kJ/mol

Students add some solid potassium hydroxide into a diluted nitric acid solution in a polystyrene cup of a calorimeter. Assume the density of any aqueous solution is the same as water and equal to 1.00 g/mL, d=m/v. Also assume the Specific Heat Capacity of any aqueous solution is the same as water, c= 4.18 J/g.0C. Provide all the equations and proper units for all the questions.

Table # 1 Measurements:
– Mass of KOH(s) = 5.60 g
– Volume of Nitric Acid= 25.0 mL
– T1 = 22.5 0C
– T2 = 29.7 0C
– a) Calculate the heat energy absorbed by the surroundings in kJ.
Hint: Use the total mass of both reactants.
– b) Calculate the heat energy given off by the chemical system in kJ.
– c) Calculate the total enthalpy, △H, of the chemical system in kJ.
– d) Calculate the molar enthalpy of neutralization for the chemical system in kJ/mol.
Hint: Use the Molar mass of KOH(s)

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Re: can someone please help me for grade 12 chemistry neutralization.
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Please read the forum rules. You have to show your attempts at answering the question/solving the problem to receive help, it is a forum policy.
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