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Isopropyl alcohol testing


Hi all,

I have been using isopropyl alcohol for cleaning vinyl records and electronics for years now. I know the distinct odor it gives out by heart. I just got a 10l canister of refill and when I opened the canister it doesn't "smell correct" if that makes sense.

It's smells more like acetone than isopropyl alcohol. I did a quick home test with styrofoam to see if it melts, but it didn't react to the acetone smelling isopropyl alcohol any different than my original isopropyl alcohol itself (nothing happened). Is there any other way (without a lab) for me to test if my new 10l canister is actually pure isopropyl alcohol?

I'm asking because I don't want to risk damaging my records or anything else I use isopropyl alcohol for. I got the 10l canister from a friend that works at a chemical supplier, so the canister itself does not have any markings.

Get new isopropanole, its sheap.  To much work to figure out what it is. Maybe the Container was not clean.


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