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Topic: Lewis structure of FeCl3  (Read 2314 times)

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Lewis structure of FeCl3
« on: April 02, 2022, 05:05:38 AM »

As i was writing down reaction mechanisms for organic chemistry. I saw the species 'FeCl3'.

This molecule was used for adding a chlorine to a benzene. So: Benzeen + Cl2 + FeCl3 -> Benzeen-Cl + FeCl4-

I really understand the organic part (with the influence of other groups like NO2, NH3 in acidic pH,...) but when i write down the mechanism in detail, i fail at the lewis structure of FeCl3.. Which is annoying me since i don't find the correct answer online :/.

I was hoping you guys would help me.

This is what i did:

FeCl3: each chlorine atom has 7 VE (valence electrons). The iron atom has 8 VE (3d6 4s2), so i need to assign 29 electrons in the structure.

So when i did this, i got the result of AX3E2 which is called the 'T-shape'. But the lewis structures i find online are AX3, which is trigonal planair.

I'm hoping you guys would help this fellow organic student :)


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