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Can an Al impurity produce a self-igniting fire during a bromination reaction?



I am an undergraduate who is following a synthesis paper and learning the ropes. I dried my organic product on a petri dish wrapped with aluminium foil with holes poked in. I had dried other products this way before and did not have issues; however, after opening the aluminium wrap this time, I discovered that a few tiny Al pieces had bonded to my product due to a change in colour from off-white to reddish. The tiny Al pieces crumble apart together with the product. I was planning to perform a bromination reaction next with NBS and 30% MeOH in methyl ethyl ketone. I know that aluminium is quickly brominated and NBS produces a low-level concentration of Br2 in the solution. I am afraid that the exothermic bromination reaction of aluminium could ignite the highly-flammable MEK. Would anyone with more experience be so kind as to comment regarding this?

No, dont worry.


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