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What is the current online learning platform for a spec class?


I just took what was supposed to be IR/MS/H-NMR/C-NMR as a 400 level class in my undergrad, and the teacher was nice enough not to fail me but I should have failed because I did not get the H or especially the C NMR very well at all and now I am trying to figure out what software some colleges use to do this homework online as I have seen it before on chegg, so unless they just got rid of it in the past few years it should still be out here. Will I be able to access it? I don't know but the first step is what is the name of the software?

I know I have a spec book that has 'practice problems' but they are very hard to see so i don't know why they bothered. I REALLY want to get into medicinal chemistry and I know that NMR/COSY/gCOSY/HMQC/NOSEY are required skills, but I need a better foundation of those skills before I can move to 2/3D representations of the signal.

Any one know of any program/publisher that has one that I should talk to to see if I can buy their software to help me learn?

Are you looking for NMR processing software? If so, Bruker provide a free version of Topspin for users based in universities/colleges etc., available here: You would need an academic email address to register.

Hope this helps

I am looking for software that I can use to teach myself spec as it was so poorly taught to me this year in school but I want to go into medicinal chemistry so NMR mastery is a must. I will just grind out problems if I have to but i know that there exists software that some schools use to teach spec as I have seen the questions posted online when i was looking for help, I just don't know who to contact. I tried Pearson but they claim to have no such software either for teachers or students.

I don't think your suggestion is what I am looking for but thanks for the reply not the less

I downloaded topspin, it is cool but WAY more complicated than I was looking for, I just want something to help me understand the textbook that I have, is there not something like "Mastering Spec" as there is for any other classes?


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