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What does exhaled air from cigarette smoking contain?


I do not smoke, but what does exhaled air(or smoke) from  cigarette smoking contain? Are they mostly gases that can be blown away quickly in the air or will they condense and stay once they land on my skin or shirt?

@shvcko99 What did you find when you did a GOOGLE on this question?
                  What did you not understand when you looked at your GOOGLE results?

One difficulty in the question: the behaviour or toxicity varies hugely among compounds.

Exhaled air from a cigarette smoker contains mainly nitrogen. Plus oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, water vapour, and so on. But you shouldn't care about these. They constitute fresh air too.

As opposed, you might care about polycyclic aromatics, nicotine and others, which are very minor constituents, but can deposit on clothes or be harmful.

Since trace compounds do matter, such an attempt would have to consider many thousand compounds, as is usual in a natural process, and finding the important ones needs knowledge, insight, perseverance and so on. A list and a threshold won't do the task.


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