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Topic: Is it really biodegradable?  (Read 3284 times)

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Is it really biodegradable?
« on: March 30, 2022, 04:35:45 AM »
I came across a product called Biosphere (https://  www.  biosphe  replastic. com) that claims to, when added to plastic make it biodegrade up to 200 times faster.  It's added to the plastic before injection moulding at a rate of 1%-5%.

From their website "Manufacturing with BioSphere's biodegradable plastic additive will give microbes the ability to secrete acids and consume your product, turning the products into Ch4, Co2, biomass and water, in the fastest time frame on the market. BioSphere's biodegradable additive enhances the ability for microbes to consume the plastic at a much faster rate by adding in key features to the polymer. This in turn enhances the biodegradability of your plastic: Without changes to your processing equipment, without changes to your physical properties, without changes to final product's shelf life, without an increase of resin used. This results is an end product that is 100% shelf stable (unlike products manufactured with the use of oxo-degradable additives). "

It sounded a bit like snake oil to me, otherwise surely many products would have this additive. Can anyone shed any light on the validity of their claims from a chemistry point of view?

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