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gluconic acid production

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I have glucose syrup on hand and it contains 60% glucose. I want to get gluconic acid by reacting with enzyme but I can't. What should the quantities be, what should the conditions be? do you have any idea?

Is there any procedure you are trying to follow? What have you tried, what have you googled and found so far?

--- Quote from: gumusonur on June 23, 2022, 04:47:39 AM ---I can't
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At this level of generality, without any details, there is really no answer that you can get from anyone.

I found different articles from google, I mixed glucose and enzyme for 24 hours at different pH values, but I could not reach a result.

I assume that you are using glucose oxidase.  How are you dealing with hydrogen peroxide?

post script, I would also try searching using PubMed.


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