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Hess's calcuations



I can't even pretend I have the faintest idea how to do this. Any help? See image below

Thanks in advance

What does Hess' law say?

Note: please read the forum rules. You have to show your attempts at answering the question/solving the problem to receive help, it is a forum policy. Stating "I have no idea" doesn't count as an attempt, you can always google for the law involved and for example problems.

Hess's law is pretty straightforward but if you really have no idea where to start I suggest any high school text book or the following linked website as a good place to start. By the way, the website is a great resource for many other high school chemistry topics. It is well researched and written in a teach yourself style. Study the page and you should have no trouble solving the problem you posted but do come back if you get stuck having given it a go by yourself.

@Raaaaa - You have to add the reactions all together to calculate enthalpy of the one you want.


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