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Topic: RE: Supplies For Toxicology Studies, Is Lab-Grade Algae Powder Available?  (Read 2769 times)

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Hi. Here in my laboratory we are planning to perform toxicology tests using Daphnia Magna according to ISO 6341, and, since the test is going to be mandatory here in some months, we are expecing a high sample throughput.

Since most methods involving Daphnia require them to be fed with microalgae, having a continuous supply of such algae is necessary, however maintenance of the algae cultures itself seem to be both resource and time intensive, involving microbiological procedures since such cultures are expected to be kept free from contamination with other microbes.

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I suppose there are already established suppliers and routines for these kind of tests. Is it possible to get the microalgae from a supplier who can guaranteed the microalgae has an appropiate grade for laboratory use? Normally I'd use the browser for these kind of questions but microalgae is a topic already coopted by the health supplement industry, so useful results are scarce.

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