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Identifying unknown chemical

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--- Quote from: HerrSwampy on October 11, 2022, 02:18:24 PM ---It could have been MgO, but i am not sure at all

--- End quote ---

Would MgO easily dissolve in water?

--- Quote from: HerrSwampy on October 11, 2022, 12:46:53 PM ---molar mass: 45,21088 g/mol
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If it is your experimental value, it opens many more options. What is the heaviest element that the compound can contain? It is a compound, how many elements minimum does it contain? If so - what are possible molar masses of these element? Which elements fit? It is soluble - does it limit the selection of compounds? And so on.

Plus: often you are given a list of compounds to choose from.

We were not given a list and yeah it was a experimental value of molar mass, so it could slightly different, I basicly need some idea that is closest to it

Can't think of anything else than trial and error building on the ideas I listed - or finding on the web a database of compounds and searching it for compounds with similar molar mass.

MgO would give an alkaline solution and its molar mass (40 g) differs from yours (45 g). There are other compounds that fit better - LiCl, Li2S and NaF.


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