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Topic: Hi I have tons of questions  (Read 1106 times)

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Hi I have tons of questions
« on: October 18, 2022, 10:35:41 PM »
Why is there HCL in the body? I mean what does it do?

(other questions moved from other posts by Mod):

How does the body create CO2 to be released in the lungs? I kind of forgot.

What is sodium bicarbonate?

Does blood have a pH? And if it does, what is it?

I never understood diluting solutes in a solvent and then there's like some math going on. Anyone get those questions in high school? Like you take one solvent dilute it by 1/10000 using pipette and to get to a final compound? And what is the purpose of this experiment? Does anyone remember those questions?

What is distilled water? What happens if you drink that? :/ That does mean it's sterilized?

Which elements need oxidation to take place and why? Plz help.

when they say chemical imbalances which chemicals are they referring to? like... where in the body does this happen?

Is there NaClO sold in solid form ?
How common if yes and how advantage/disadvantage compared to the most common liquid (diluted in water) form ?
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Re: Hi I have tons of questions
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2022, 03:13:39 AM »
Please don't spam the forum with series of questions like that. Most of your questions can be answered with a simple googling, have you tried that? We will happily help you with details once you show some minimal effort and explain what you already know.
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