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Natural ligand for transition metals?


I'm looking for an organic compound or a class of compounds naturally present in bodies of water (lakes, seas) which might be able to bind transition metals. So far I was able to find only humic acids as an example. Any suggestion on some other compound? Or a good book or a review on types of organic compounds of natural origin in aquatic ecosystems?

The number of compounds is pretty much too numerous to count... but an easy one would be all the various porphyrins

Citrate is a possibility, although it would not surprise me to learn that it is labile to microbial uptake.  Siderophores are likely to be present, as well.

Researchers spent many moons figuring out ligand-metal equilibrium constants in aqueous media through electrochemistry. Very useful database with tens of thousands of ligand-metal combinations to my recollection. Check out this database:
Many publications not listed in SciFinder, for example. There were 5 thousand ish ligands for the metal I was interested in. as a function of pH which was very useful for the aqueous system IMHO. Imagine being able to screen 5,000 ligands and choose the best one...


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