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Topic: What could be added to a bleach solution to make it a foaming mold cleaner?  (Read 1020 times)

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Hi everybody, I have a question which I would like to ask. I hope it's OK to not entirely introduce myself before writing :). I like to make a mold cleaner for the bathroom. I know that commercial foaming mold cleaners (that stay on the wall for longer) are sometimes made of a bleach solution with between 0,5 and <2 % Sodium octyl sulphate (C8H18O4S) added. If you spray it from a the bottle it foams instantly and stay's on the tile joints a bit longer.

Sodium octyl sulphate is hard to get a hold of for me (Europe, btw). So I am looking for a substitute that doesn't produce toxic gas and leaves the bleach solution stable enough to keep for longer periods of time. btw: I do have some surfactants I could try, but how do I know that it's safe to mix? It needs to be basic, not acidic anyway. That I understand.

This is what I have on hand:

Betaine INCI: cocoamidopropylamide
SCI INCI: Sodium Cocoyl Isetionate
INCI: Decyl Glucoside
INCI: Coco Glucosid
Perlastin INCI: Dinatrium/Natrium Cocoyl Glutamaat

Could anyone tell me what can be safely enough to try? It doesn't need to be what I have listed above. It would be nice if it's just one single ingredient/surfactant though or an easy to get one...

Very curious, thanks!

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