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cold trap or something else for vacuum pump?


I use my vacuum pump for vacuum filtration funnel. Water is the fluid being filtered.
Is cold trap the best thing to use to prevent my vacuum pump oil absorbing water or is there a better way like an inline filter of sorts?

Getting tired of draining oil after every use.


forgot to add that it is often a hot filtration, so perhaps a condensation trap would be best, but then would like to find a nice stand alone set-up that i can connect to tubing.

Edit 2:
For compressed air there are air dryers/lubricators. Have one on my compressor. Would something like that work on vacuum pump input line?


But personally I would use a tiny little bench pump or house vac or something dedicated for the job of filtration. Your oil pump just has way too much oomph for this.

You can get a little pump that is fine for this job for a couple hundred bucks.

these work nicely when all you're doing is filtering.


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