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Synthesis Reaction

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I'm having trouble with this synthesis reaction. I started by trying to get rid of the double bonded O and turning it into an alcohol with NaBH4/EtOH, but then I realized the alcohol would be on the wrong carbon. I also am unsure what reaction to use in order to form the second ring. I was thinking that in order to add the H3CO onto the ring the reaction would just be CH3OH/H2SO4, but I don't know how to form the ring that it would be added to.
Thank you!

From computer side, we have no access to your computer to use the link. For using it from one drive you have to give access.

Now the link is gone at all.

Thank you for letting me know. It should be fixed now. I just attached the image.

What reactions do you know that will add carbon atoms?

It looks as if the product is not corrctly drawn, or is it just mee being tired? I dont get it.


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