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Question/Help about isomers in synthesis


How you synthesis cis/trans end product ,what is the physical thing that i need to do , for example - you used only cis reactants to get a final product with cis+ isomer ?

One, it is a forum policy that you must show us your attempt to answer a question before we can help you.  Two, your question is very broad, making it difficult or impossible to answer without knowing more about the starting materials and the target.  In at least one instance that I know of the same reaction can be tweaked to give almost exclusively trans or predominantly cis isomers, but whether or not this reaction is useful depends on the starting material.  Now that I have reread your question, it occurs to me that you might be asking a different question versus what I originally thought.  It sounds as if you have a cis-alkene and that you do not want it to isomerize in a subsequent reaction, is that correct?


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