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Which reactions are taking place?

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Hello, I wonder if you could help me please.
I'm making different sol-gel solutions. These are the solutions:

* Sol-Gel ZnO solution:In this case I had zinc atetate dihydrate (sigma aldrich 99.999% trace metal basis) and I added 0.913 g to 20 mL of Methoxyethanol. It was stirred at 60 °C during 30 minutes. Then, 1 mL of ethanolamine (stabilizer) was added, and the solution was stirred during 90 minutes at 60 °C. After that, it was kept aging at room temperature during 24 hours, and then stirred at 60 °C during 3 hours (were the solvents vaporized and the sol gel was formed)

* Sol-Gel ZnO solution Doped with IndiumThe procedure was the same as for the ZnO solution, but Indium Nitrate hydrate was added (4:100 In:Zn mole basis) at the same time ethanolamine was added.

If you could, please, put the reactions of one solutions, I could probably deduct the reactions for the other one.
It may seem I have not tried, but i'm chemical engeineer and I'm currently substituting a physical chemist, and I'm no where near his knowlegde in mechanisms, reactions, etc. I've tried to deduct myself the reactions, but I'm not going anywhere (I think).
What I've read is that probably the complex Zn4O(CH3COO)6 will be formed, but I don't know what is the propper reaction. Also acetic anhydride will form, but I also don't know how...
Could someone help me please...

What I am missing is, that if a ZnO gel should be formed, that no addition of Hydroxide was down. So you have only the zink acetate in your gel. The ethanolamine is alcaline and keeps Zn in solution, but I think its to less to form the Oxide.

And the methoxyethanol?

Methoxyethanol also called Methylglycolether is only solvent.

Hmmm what I can confirm is that a gel was formed... I really don't know if there is OH missing.
What I can also confirm is that numerous autors have used this method to form a ZnO sol-gel


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