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Preparation of Paste to Strip Anodized Coatings


Hello all,
I have a procedure from my job's former chemist that is not very detailed. The procedure is to make a paste that is used to strip anodized coatings from plated aluminum. The procedure is as follows:

"With water, slowly blend 50g of sodium hydroxide beads with 50g of magnesium oxide. Careful as it will boil the water."

Does anyone have any additional information for the safe preparation of this mixture? Is it best to combine the caustic and mag. oxide then add water or slowly add each to water? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The heat excess comes from the solid NaOH what is dissolved in water. MgO has poor solubility. So it can be mixed with the NaOH and put together into the water during carefully stirring.


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