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Need to make a Firestopping Wetsuit...


Hello Everyone,

I am working on a project where I pitched the idea of making a fireproof wetsuit. Yes I know, weird. This idea actually came from the Pearl Harbor movie when the fire is burning on top of the water. I know that neoprene is made from a chloroprene, but am having trouble on how to mix a firestopping element into it. I would like it to react to fire similar to how intumescent paint or stripping does. Where it expands and creates a firestop barrier. I know this is a ridiculous idea, but I think it would be fun to make and want to get a good grade on my project. ;D

Mix sodium bicarbonate in the chloroprene?

As a teen, I did it with epoxy, it works. Heat decomposes the bicarbonate which emits carbon dioxide that keeps further heat at large. Within limits as usual.

Anyway, heating chloroprene or any chlorinated organics near one's nose is a bad idea. The fumes are toxic and repellent for real.

The bicarbonate idea was already known when I was young. (Neolithic had already begun).


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