September 27, 2023, 06:18:22 PM
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Topic: Advice Required - Chemical Solution For Electro Cleaning  (Read 807 times)

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Advice Required - Chemical Solution For Electro Cleaning
« on: July 02, 2023, 08:49:39 AM »
I'm looking to Electroclean some aluminum parts and have been looking online for useful information.
One recommendation I have been looking at as a cleaning/electrolyte solution consists of :-
5 Parts Glycerol
4 Parts Sulfuric acid (96%)
1 Part  Phosphoric acid (98%)

I am aware that I should add the heavier acid to the lighter one (sulfuric to phosphoric)
and proper safety precautions and ppe should be worn whilst handling strong acids.

What I'm wondering is if there is anything else I should be aware of or precautions I should take as my understanding of the chemistry is poor to say the least, any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Advice Required - Chemical Solution For Electro Cleaning
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2023, 03:06:31 AM »
The recipe doesn't look OK to me, intuition suggests glycerol mixed with a concentrated sulfuric acid will get carbonized, leaving a black mess.

I am not sure order of mixing these acids makes a real difference - yes, when diluting them they should be added to water, but that's because dilution produces heat. Just mixing acids shouldn't be that exothermic.

In general when dealing with concentrated acids it is best to work in open air or under fume hood.
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