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Potassium hydroxide + protein


Frater EIE:
I'm wanting to do an experiment involving the use of a potassium hydroxide solution (shooting for 6 parts water to 1 part pot. hyd.) and a protein-rich food, like wheat germ, to produce amines. The amines come from the decomposed amino-acid from the base-decomposed protein. My question though is how much wheat germ to add to the solution?
Thank you
Frater EIE

Basic hydrolysis of proteins requires elevated temperatures and long reaction times.

Frater EIE:
Putting it into an incubator for a month isn't an issue. My question though is how much wheat germ to use for, say, 500ml of 6-to-1 water to potassium hydroxide solution if there is 4 grams of protein for every 15 grams of wheat germ?


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