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Can salt water damage diamond?

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Is it possible that salt water can damage a diamond to some extent? I found somewhere on the internet an information that a diamond can lose its shine through salt water and I would like to find out what the truth is. I always thought that the covalent bonds in diamond are so strong that basically, at room temperature, no solution can affect its structure. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Here is an excerpt from an article I read on the internet, which I quote: "Unlike water found in rivers, lakes – or even taps at home – the ocean water is salty. While this high salt content isn’t dangerous for all jewelry, it can be catastrophic to others. Diamonds fare poorly when exposed to salt, as these ionic compounds can potentially eat away the fine polish that gives diamonds their gorgeous shine and luster".

Hm.. interesting. Do you have a link to the reference?


I wouldn't treat site build for SEO a a reliable source of information.


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