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Topic: White Fuming Nitric Acid  (Read 2742 times)

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White Fuming Nitric Acid
« on: December 28, 2023, 12:54:48 PM »

I am new here and I have built a lab producing white-fuming nitric acid and trying to see what the market is for this.  My goal is to produce about 1 liter a month once I work all the bugs out.  I plan on building a website and listing it for around $140-$160 for 50 ml (depending on hazmat shipping fees at any given time).  My understanding is that WFNA is much more valuable than sub-azeotropic nitric acid.

I am a licensed professional chemical and electrical engineer.

I have a website sorta roughed in but it needs some work, the HNO3 needs to be an active button that includes pricing and pay pal etc -

 pearson-industries.com – Just another WordPress site

I am putting a business plan together for my wife to try to get her buy-in to take this from just a hobby to a functioning business, linkedin is a joke (maybe you have to have premium or the messages dont really go out?).  Trying to get a gauge on how much of this I could realistically sell.  She is good at business and marketing but thinks this is not a good idea and that the market for this stuff is way too niche and that hobbyists wont pay the premium for white fuming vs 68%.  Maybe space X, military sub contractors?

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