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A Free Stoichiometry Calculator for Android


Hey everyone!

I just released ChemApp - a chemistry and stoichiometry calculator for Android that can do many of the chemistry problems faced by everyone from high school and university students to chemists.

Google Play Store:


🧪 Balance chemical reactions

Quickly balance chemical reactions, from the simplest of reactions to more complex ones such as redox reactions with charges

🧪 Solve reaction stoichiometry problems

Work out equivalent mass and mole amounts in chemical reactions, or work out the limiting and excess reagents in a reaction

🧪 Calculate molar masses

Work out the molar mass of any chemical compound

🧪 Calculate percentage compositions

Work out the percentage composition of any chemical compound by mass

🧪 Get step-by-step solutions and a chemical solutions calculator with ChemApp Premium

The premium version of the app can give you step-by-step, worked-out, solutions to any of the calculator answers, as well as an additional calculator to work out how to dilute chemical solutions or to calculate the masses, volumes and molarities of chemical solutions

Please check it out and I'd love to hear feedback to keep on improving the app! Thank you!


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