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Topic: [EU] transferability of skills developed in laboratory astro chemistry.  (Read 1168 times)

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Question: what industry opportunities could i leverage a year's experience working with matrix isolation techniques studying astrochemixally important problems with a unique instrument?


I am a master's student in structural and theoretical chemistry. My thesis lab is a computational project studying conformations and making structure predictions.

However, my university allows a second project to be taken for 8 ects/semester.

I decided to join my univ's astrochemistry group as they have a one of a kind instrument and do some cool science.

However i wonder if id be able to find a job in industry using the skills id develop should staying in academia (PhD or post PhD) not work out or simply need to be delayed.

We do gas phase mixing of reagents, deposit onto substrates and then use photo chemistry or hydrogen/electron bombardment for syntheses and employ TOF/IR detection.


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