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Topic: Petroleum Hydrocarbons in MEG and TEG  (Read 1267 times)

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Petroleum Hydrocarbons in MEG and TEG
« on: March 25, 2024, 11:57:35 AM »
Hello everyone,

The company that I work for as a lab technician ( I'm the only one working in the lab as it s made of 2 containers used for production control with routine analysis as density, water content etc)is considering aquring an FT-IR ( using of a GC is a no way for them)to measure the hydrocarbons content in MEG and TEG which is used in a gas dehydration unit , where the gas is around 97% CH4.
The main problem for me is that I am new in the spectroscopy area, the only reason they want to opt for an FT-IR is beacuse the previous analysis were done by a 3rd party laboratory. They use an in-house method which the only information they provided about the method is that they diluted the sample with water , extracted it with S316 solvent, filtered through Florisil and then analysed with the FT-IR , and their results came as " Hydrocarbons ( n,iso,cyclo alkane) = x mg/l."
From my research I think this is kind of an adapted version of the water and wastewater TPH measurment.
Anyway my questions are:
- what kind of standards should I use to make the calibration line
- how do I make the calibration line
- can I use other kind of solvent like cyclohexane
-what kind of quvettes
-how to prepare my MEG and TEG samples to measure them
Basicly everything  :-\.
Thank you all for the attention and I m sorry if I made some grammatically mistakes.

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