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Crosslinking gelatine with formaldehyde vs. glutaraldehyde, calculations


I'd like to do crosslinking reaction and I've found paper where 2ml of 2% formaldehyde were used to react with gelatine. I have to replace formaldehyde with glutaraldehyde. How to ensure correct amount of glutaraldehyde to obtain results as good as with formaldehyde?
My thinking is:
-calculate moles of formaldehyde used in the experiment, considering the volume and concentration of the substrate (my result is 0.00145 moles, density of formaldehyde I used is 1.09g/cm3).
-use the same amount of formaldehyde moles to calculate mass of glutaraldehyde needed
-there is also a difference in chemical structure between formaldehyde (1 reactive group) and glutaraldehyde (2 reactive groups). Should number of moles of glutaraldehyde be divided by two to ensure similar reaction?

I'd appreciate any help, and if there's anything else that I'm missing, I'm happy to take notes.

I think all considerations sounds okay. With the bifunctionell glutaraldehyde you get more crosslinking.


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