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I want to synthesize methyl 3,5-dibromobenzoate (3,5-dibromobenzoic acid methyl ester).

This can be synthesized from the corresponding benzoic acid, ester, or aldehyde, which are all meta- directing. However, they strongly deactivate the benzene ring and make bromination difficult. Even if the first bromination is achievable, i cannot find any papers on how to do the second one.

I don't have access to an already bromo- substituted benzene compound.

Is there an easier synthetic route? I am struggling in finding any papers for reference.

I am very new to Organic Chemistry and although it seems like an easy target I still find it extremely difficult.

Benzoic acid to Di- Nitro Benzoic acid, reduce to Diaminobenzoic acid(ester), then Diazoting and Sandmeyer to Bromo Compound.


I think its straightforward to di-brominate benzoic acid, the dibromo acid is available on many vendors. You might need FeCl3 as catalyst.

Better FeBr3 as catalyst in this case. Risk to get also Chloro Derivate if FeCl3 is used.

That's true, thanx. It's possible no catalyst is required


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