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Becoming a professional mycologist


limpet chicken:
I was hoping one or two of the fine people here could give me a little advice, aside from the usual energy-weapons-of-death, self tweaking of neurochemistry and energetic materials experiments, I want to become a professional mycologist.

I really enjoy mycology as a science, I have been interested as an amateur since age three or four, but I would like to learn more, and go professional, I already have quite a good background in identification, toxicology, recipes for the edible species, and AHEM...the erm...entheogenic properties of certain species ;D

I've had some lovely meals out of the stuff I have identified, and a good few other experiences, but how would be the best way to gain a professinal grounding in the subject, and do it for a job?

Any reccomendations? Thanks.

Well I must be going,  I am off hunting Amanita muscaria tonight by torchlight, at around 4.30 Am ;D

It's definately more of a biology discipline than a Chemistry discipline. However, I have known Chemists who study the chemicals in the fungii and even try to develop more potent versions.

limpet chicken:
I came back home not so long ago, I was very successful in my little hunt, found three or four beautiful specimens of A.muscaria, got them busy drying out for the night wrapped in absorbent paper, going to give them a good going over in the oven tomorrow to ensure decarboxylation of the more toxic ibotenic acid to the more active muscimol.

Here's quite a good picture of this attractive looking fungus, thought possibly to be the divine Soma, of the Rig Veda.


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