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Solubility problem


Suppose that a 10 mL sample of a solution is to be tested for Cl - ion by addition of 1 drop (0.2 mL) of 0.17 M AgNO3. What is the minimum number of grams of Cl - that must be present in order for AgCl(s) to form?

I can't get the right answer...don't know why..please help

I think you need more information?  ???

Donaldson Tan:
You need the solubility product constant of Silver Chloride. Only if the product of the concentration of aq Ag+ cation and aq Cl- exceed the solubility product then precipitation of silver chloride will occur.

if you get Ksp of AgCl = 1.77×10-10
[Cl-]= Ksp/[Ag+]
[Ag+]=  {0.17*0.2}/10.2
then calculate  [Cl-]  then caculate
mass of Cl-


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