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hi, I am interest in chemistry, and I wonder what I can do outside my chemistry class. Like any other activities, competitions...I want to major in chemistry, what can I do to prepare?(I am taking chemistry in my high school right now, it's my first year :) )
thank you for the suggestion


Donaldson Tan:
i can think of a few projects you can try:

1. make a electrochemical cell out of a lemon. it converts chemical potential
    energy to useful electrical energy.

2. make your own fire extinguisher. either powder or gas extinguisher.
    hint: baking powder + vinegar -> carbon dioxide.

I found a website called ACS.org, it's like a community or something, how does it work?
can evreryone participate?

ACS is the professional society for Chemists. You won't find a bboard there if that's what you are looking for.

oh ok


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