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Be sure to take AP Chemistry

Taking the SATII in Chemistry is also a good idea.  This way when you apply to college you'll have standardized test results to show off your prowess.  (In addition to the AP Exam).  When I was in high school I took AP Chemistry and scored a 5 on the exam.  I also took the SAT II in Chemistry two times.  The first time I scored a 790 out of 800, and when I took it the second time I nailed a perfect 800.   ;D  (Sorry, I had to brag.  hehe).  

I am taking AP Chemistry right now, and I didn't do that well on the Free Response section on the AP Test. Anyway, I'll take the SATII for Chemistry around the end of this year. The school is almost over, and we finish the lectures, do you think I can do any labs just for fun?

Donaldson Tan:
SAT II Chemistry, SAT II Maths and SAT II Physics are designed for you to get 100% (in my opinion). LOL. Almost everyone from my pre-university class got 100% for SAT II.

you can just refer to other chemically oriented books and gain some knowledge as you are so interested in chemistry. you can also do some small projects in chemical industries if you are interested. :)


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