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Topic: Synthetic alternative for castor lubricant  (Read 3553 times)

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Synthetic alternative for castor lubricant
« on: November 06, 2004, 08:48:21 PM »
Good afternon folks.

To start off,I am in the middle of the research for our club.The remote control airplane club.We want to make out own fuel that normally contain 10% nitromethane ,70% methanol and 20 % castor oil.
The reason castor is inthe fuel is because during combustion it won't burn(have a high flash point) thus protecting against friction.

The problem we ran in to is That we can't find a suitable replacement for castor.Castor oil cost about $20 /gal and goal of making homebrew fuel is making it CHEAP.So i found a company that sells synthetic lubricant for the fuels but it's still $18/gal.
The main reason why we can't use any synthetic oil avaliable on the market is that they won't mix with methanol.

I tried several substances,including transmission fluid ,penetrating oils,WD40,airtool oil  and so on. Nothing will mix with methanol,yet mixing with gas(not suitable)
So i came here for yoru expertise.Is there any substances that will have a high flash point and will mix with methanol in say 80%methanol20%oil ratio??
Please *delete me*


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