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Topic: Lead-acid car battery  (Read 7288 times)

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Lead-acid car battery
« on: November 07, 2004, 01:07:37 AM »
Hi, does anyone know about lead-acid car battery?

The half reactions are:
PbO2 + 4H(+) + SO4(2-) + 2e -> PbSO4 +2H2O
Pb + SO4(2-) -> PbSO4 +2e

Why can PbO2 act as the cathode of a lead-acid car battery? Is PbO2 an solid ionic compound that do not conduct electricity?

Besides, does anyone know what is the meaning of "boosting a car battery"?

Thank you!
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Re:Lead-acid car battery
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2004, 08:25:21 AM »
i don't know what 'boosting the car battery' mean.

essentially why PbO2 acts as the cathode is that how does this arrangment allows the lead acid battery to be rechargeable. it's a paste, not solid.

i'm leaving you a hint on this. you better figure out this yourself.

the discharging process (generates electricity) produces a solid product that will adhere to the wire mash inside the battery. being a solid adhering the wire mash, the oxidised product can revert to its reduced form because it's in contact with the circuit (wire mash) during the charging process
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